Adolf Craemer

About us

The Adolf Craemer Federntechnik GmbH company has been manufacturing high quality springs of different types for more than 150 years.
 The company was founded by Franz Craemer in 1851 and was family owned until 1999.
The former employee Michael Zwitserlot took on the company in 1999, but the company name continued to exist.
1851  Company founded by Franz Craemer in Wegerhof near Halver
1863  Moved to Heede near Halver
1893  The company headquarters were transferred to Halver, Von-Vincke-Straße 61, under the name of Franz Adolf Söhne
1898  Departure of the younger son Adolf Craemer and transfer of the company Adolf Craemer to
Frankfurter Str. 34
1938  The sons Franz, Erich and Adolf Craemer took over the company
1957  Franz Adolf Craemer joins the company
1973  Franz Adolf Craemer takes over the company
1999  Sale of the company to Michael Zwitserloot. The company name Adolf Craemer GmbH remains.
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